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Puja Gupta
News Updating Staff

Former beauty queen Puja Gupta, who made a striking debut with Vashu Bhagnani's film F.A.L.T.U., is currently working on her second film GO GOA GONE, being made under Saif Ali Khan's home banner Illuminati Films. In conversation with the beautiful lady Puja Gupta.

From a Vashu Bhagnani film to Illuminati Films your moves in Bollywood are indeed great. How you bagged GO GOA GONE?
Well thank you very much. I am indeed grateful to be a part of the Hindi cinema and be able to work with prestigious names. For the GO GOA GONE, I was called for the audition in April just right after my movie F.A.L.T.U. released. Raj and DK, my directors for GO GOA GONE, believed I fitted the character well.

What's the film about?
It's too early for me to say anything more about the film. So you have to wait for this one.

You were the only actress in F.A.L.T.U. and now once again you are the only female lead in GO GOA GONE. Do you feel privileged as only lucky few get the chance to hog the limelight?
Well if I say no I would be lying now! Indeed its luck and loving it. I hope the luck to continue and await for many more such projects to come.

Being in a male-centric film gives you a chance to make a different mark or you get overshadowed in their presence?
It indeed helps as being the only girl in the movie one possibly cannot get unnoticed so that works beautifully to one's advantage.

What's your role in a male dominated film GO GOA GONE?
I am playing a college girl who visits Goa with her friends and ends up meeting people, experiences madness and the party style in Goa and how all this pays off at the end in a funny yet so not what she or her friends can ever imagine... it's brilliant...

Who are you paired opposite in this film?
No one, we just friends, there is no love angle or anything ...

Have you met Saif? How is he as an actor and producer?
I have worked with him for Lays campaign once and then I met him for the movie, he is very cute and such a gentleman...

The title sounds pretty interesting
I love the title of the movie and when you see the movie you will know how accurate it is (laughs)

Goa has been one of the favourite destinations of film industry...?
This is the first time I am shooting for a film in Goa, the weather is lovely here and where we are shooting is not the actual Goa city. We are shooting in a place called Chorlaghat, on the outskirts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, where there is no phone signals or civilization, just cottages and nature around. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Which actor you admire in Bollywood?
I admire Sridevi's beauty and her body of work. From CHAALBAAZ to LAMHE to CHANDNI I have watched all her movies. I love her style and she is one of those effortless actors in Hindi cinema we have.

Any specific role you would like to play? Any role or film you think you would have performed better?
I am too new and working on my second film. So I have a long way to go. I would love to play a double role like Sridevi did in CHAALBAAZ. It's one of my dream roles I always want to do.

Who is the biggest star in Bollywood today?
Its Amitabh Bachchan.

Your forthcoming projects
I am working on GO GOA GONE and will soon start with SHORTCUT ROMEO opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh directed by Susi Ganeshan. It's going to be my first romantic Hindi Masala movie so looking forward to it ...

What's your success mantra?
Believe in yourself and just work hard. Give it your last best shot like it's the only thing you have.

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