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DHOOM, DHOOM-2, RACE....and now PLAYERS! Hi-octane thriller, hot 'n' happening star-cast, riveting 'whodunit' plot packed with international action packed SFX and VFX effects with stylish music to relish... a new recipe of entertainment is about to catered to audiences through PLAYERS.

Abbas-Mustan, craftsmen in genre of enthralling action-packed thrillers deliver out their most grandiloquent extravaganza this time, with a brigade of hot bankable star-cast. Pritam, a consistent campaigner and also a name associated with Bollywood's most stylishly packed action entertainers (DHOOM, DHOOM 2 and RACE), composes for this album. In the musical department, there is loads of experimentation in store with Ashish Pandit, a promising lyricist, delivering out the needful with an array of promising and upcoming singers. Will PLAYERS be another 'Dhoom-dhadaka' and another 'Race-y' affair from the very talented Pritam? Let's check out...

Techno grooves of multifaceted electronically tuned rhythms takes centre-spread of musical happenings as now Pritam rejuvenates the pulsating thump of 'Race Sansoon Ki' (RACE) in the album's introductory track 'Jis Jagah Pe Khatam'. Uber-cool in funky electronica synth beat signature tune, this trendy disco-beat number has intimidating '007 Bond-ish' caricatured feel with a bizarre set of modern instrumentals, connecting sporadically well with the scheming plot and shady characters of the film. Neeraj Sridhar's invigorating voice in higher octaves catches attention and mixes well with the infectiously loud upbeat arrangements. Mauli Dave's sizzling voice raises the barometer of glam-quotient and gets the vivid support of Siddarth Basrur's cheerful back-up vocals. Ashish Pandit's lyrics are moreover narrative gestures of the lead characters and echoes out the nerve-racking and thrilling action-packed feel of the flick. It's hot-headed 'club-remix' raises the bar of floor-dancing entertainment and adds bountiful beat-juggles, DJ spins and scratches in this fun-loving listening fare. Like many of the recently heard successful remixes, this one too promises a spectacular video feature for all eventful happenings of the flick and should be an affable promotional commodity for this stylishly packed action potboiler. Chartbuster!!!

Fully enriched with Spanish tango and Italian salsa seductive 'swirling-twirling' dancing glittering feel, the seductive oomph comes in European cultural musical format in racy sounding 'Jhoom Jhoom Ta Ja'. For its cheerfully loud rejoicing feel and multi-cultural genre, it brings memories of 'Udi' (GUZAARISH) and recently heard 'Hawaa Hawaa' (ROCKSTAR), where the dazzlingly high orchestral feel gets high with yelling back-up vocals and together they set out a decorum for a feisty carnival. Ritu Pathak's varying pitches narrates out the changing sentimental shades of the track, where meticulously played instrumentals permeate well in simply written lyrics. Least explored and accepted by masses, this style of soundtrack has a somber seductive oomph rather than a raunchy feel and comes in two more versions. The male version has Siddarth Basrur's lively vocals and is spiced up well with 'Synth-pop' style of arrangements with almost similar set of lyrics. The third version is titled as 'film version' is the most appealing of the lot and comes in the voice of promising Arijit Singh, a reality show prodigy. Despite having KK, Shaan or his favorite Neeraj Sridhar, Pritam shoulders this pivotal track to this newcomer and adds dosages of electronica punched funky rhythms to this version. As compared to a couple of Pritam's hot selling solo male tracks, it sound like a pale comparison but still has sufficient ammunition to light up disco-floors.

To fuel up the sizzling glam-quotient, the femme fatale outrageous onslaught comes in fiery and racy vocals of promising Yashita Yashpal in 'Ho Gayi Tun'. Like 'Zara Sa Jhoom Loon' (DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE) and 'Talli Ho Gayi' (PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS), it shows the bold 'girlie' avatar and comes with edgy electronica based rhythmical tunes. It's not as enticing as 'Zara Zara Touch Me (RACE)' but is fuelled up compassionately with electronically digitally mastered arrangements and amalgams well with Yashita's cheery vocals. If choreographed aesthetically with grand opulence; it's going to be one hot-shot sizzler and will surely attract maximum eyeballs on silver screen.

Fun element is enlightened with 'Charlie Angels'! Humor is the catch-word for the next track titled 'Buddhi do Bhagwan'. After delivering out a couple of chirpy one-liners in 'Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (BLUFFMASTER)', Abhishek Bachchan's fun-filled singing comes alive and ushers dosages of comical romantic flavors in this peppy sounding track. Pritam experiments well this time as he mixes up trendy musical elements with humorous tinge with flair and the end results are really amusing this time. Shruti Pathak's seductive oomph is fabulous and so is URL's snazzy emceeing and together they pile up a reasonable entertaining listening affair. Go for it!

Fresh from the stupendous success and critical acclaim of being the sole remarkable soloist in ROCKSTAR, Mohit Chauhan's sonorously mellifluous voice delights and make romantic mood merrier in pleasant sounding 'Dil Ye Bekarar Kyun Hain'. As far as the composition is concerned, it comes like a mix and match of a couple of Pritam's finest ballads with improvisation done in Spanish guitar riffs (in middle interludes), electronically tuneful fillers that connects positively with the tonality of the soundtrack. Mohit's compassionate singing blossoms to perfection again and so do Shreya Ghoshal's minty fresh breezy vocals in the latter stages, epitomizing the mushy lovable chemistry. Refreshing moments of cheerful romanticism rejuvenates again in its 'reprise' version as now Nikhil D'Souza along with upcoming Priya Vani takes the centre-stage. Nikhil recreates the magic of 'Mera Bina' (CROOK) with a feel of jazz music in his 'yuppie' fresh resounding voice and delivers out a beautiful rendition that is worth-hearing on delightful romantic evenings. Priya Vani's brief rendition is lovable but its Nikhil's domineering presence that delights as well as entertains to the hilt. The third and final version is the 'remix' version that is tailor-made for discotheque delights and enthralls up mood. Mohit's deliriously sung voice is fiercely spiced with the feel of 'club-house' remix works, a frolicking entertainer that will be adding to the promising commercial prospects of the album and flick.

PLAYERS, a stylish packed hi-voltage action thriller has cool and reasonably good listening soundtracks to its credits. As anticipated from its huge expectations, it proves to be an above average affair but lacks the zing and zeal of being 'spectacular' or 'earth-shattering' like the composer's previous works in this genre (DHOOM , DHOOM 2 and RACE), which have been big successes in their respective years of release. Against all odds, it delivers a decent package of listening entertainment. The album does very well in soundtracks like 'Dil ye bekarar kyun hain' and highly promoted 'Jis Jagah se Khatam' while there are bags of amusement to be explored in tracks like 'Buddhi do Bhagwan' and 'Ho gayi tun'. It would be really interesting to see how these musical works are interspersed in this gold heist thriller, where blazing action sequences will be the hot-spotlight. A promising box-office show will be the greatest windfall in uplifting the commercial prospects of this album.

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