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Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
News Updating Staff

Youthful rom-com are the promising rage and genre of multiplexes and the fresh take on modern-age romance to makes its vibrant waves is EK MAIN AUR EKK TU. Basking in glory of magnanimously successful musical releases in the past, Dharma Productions and Karan Johar makes their first strong dent in this genre through this frothy comical romantic flick. Amit Trivedi, a promising name in the cadre of upcoming musical composers is the 'chosen-one' along with Amitabh Bhattacharya being the lyricist for this youthful album. So far it has been dream run of success for Amit Trivedi as all his albums has been eye-grabbing (if not chartbusting) in the marquee. Can this peppy fun-fare be the one that set the dice rolling for him and making him a hot-selling chartbusting commodity in the tinsel town? Let's find out...

Close on heels to the title track of ANJAANA ANJAANI, the title track of this flick opens up like a flamboyant party feasting 'club-dancing' number that not only enthralls but also spreads the positive word for the flick (EK MAIN AUR EKK TU) in the first soundtrack 'Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu'. Intoxication is again the 'catch-word' to entice urbane listeners, as now Benny Dayal suave tones and Anushka Manchanda's yuppie friendly voice lifts the spirits and makes this a friendly title track. Amit Trivedi's trendy orchestrations are too high on club-DJ antics and lesser on instrumentals but still befit the racy moods of the situation. Shefali Alvaris's slender vocals in the backdrop give it a crispy crunch of chic happenings in the backdrop. Fun enters into Planet disco-zone in 'Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (remix)' with pleasing dosages of beat-juggles, DJ spins, mixing well into the racy composition and giving many reasons to shake booty on floors. Trivedi delivers a potential 'yuppie-friendly' title track that should be going well with metro-centric audiences.

Balloons of hope floats in air! Archetypically flavors of 70's rock 'n' roll melodic flair that amused senses in 'Shaam' (AISHA) bounces back with synergy of optimism in impressive rendered 'Gubbare'. It's as narrative as 'Dhoop ke Makan' (BREAK KE BAAD) where ethics of jazz (soft-drums, piano drills, hand-claps) are infused to give it a somber 'party' ambience. Nikhil D'Souza's boyish tones are appealing in varying textures and mellow meticulously with the serene westernized arrangements. Shilpa Rao's added vocal support adds to the charm while Amit Trivedi's effective back-up chorals lifts the entire decorum. Conceived to enthrall urbane-listeners and also as an effective background score for the flick, it has effective 'guitarist' singing attire appeal that should draw worthy applause from classy young listeners. Impressive!!!

Sticking to the roots of old-fashioned cultural westernized musical appeal, Trivedi experiments with American folk style of composing and blends it with Bollywood's 60's dancing feast in jovial sounding 'Auntyji'. After delivering couple of impressive somber love ballads, Ash King tries out his hand at frolicsome singing in this situational dancing track. Amitabh Bhattacharya's loquaciously loud wordings are erratic at places and fail to evoke desired humorous punches. Trivedi's composition has faint shades of ever-popular American folk song 'Cotton eyed Joe' (Rednex) that connects with fusion of 60's jazz music but the impact is too average. It's noble as well as innovative gesture but the end results are not as generous as one expects from the zeal and efforts, overall a mediocre track that should be more eye-feasting on big screen than easygoing on ears.

From cultural roots to the contemporary 'soul' musical appeal, the album moves impressively into the comfort zones of soothing melody in well-nurtured soundtrack titled 'Aahatein'. Like previously heard 'Gubbare', this whispered in genteel toned love-track is a classy listener delight that has its hearts and senses at right places. Karthik's subtle singing in whispering tones has soulful impulse that stays throughout the track. Shilpa Rao's genteel paced addition adds to the lovable romantic hues. It's a great listening experience where composer's brawny skills at soothing instrumentals work positively in delivering out a comforting adorable ballad. Shekhar Ravijani replaces impressive Karthik in its 'remix' version, a lounge cum club cocktail feasting number that relies primarily on the comforting romantic feel of the track. It's an occasional mood-reliever sort of 'remix' work that will surely 'cool-down' tempers of the dance floors. Adorable!!!

As the album culminates into climax, the anecdotes of this 'prem-kahani' has finally comes to a feasible ending and it arrives in pleasant sounding 'Kal Chalna Shuru'. Like thematically inclined and sentimentally rendered 'Anjaana Anjaani' (ANJAANA ANJAANI), it showcases the panoramic views of all the highs and lows of the love story and also spreads the positive word for the title of the flick. Vishal Dadlani softens his vocal chords to varying tones and jesters out varied moods and shades of all the frolicsome happenings. Shilpa Rao booming voice too sounds like a solace and all together it's a decent melodramatic musical feature that should work positively in the closing stages of the flick.

EK MAIN AUR EKK TU is a typical multiplex friendly musical entertainer; a tailor made album to suit the sensibilities and tastes of niche urbane listeners. This may not be as one of the most swashbuckling offering from the producers but surely a laudable listening feast from the entire musical team. As far as quality and performances are concerned, sentimental tracks outsmarts peppy numbers and gives sufficient reasons to cheer about. Among the credit listing, soundtracks like 'Gubbare' and 'Aahatein' will surely draw applause from classy listeners while the title track is an amiable musical effort.

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