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Sadda Adda
News Updating Staff

SADDA ADDA is a movie with the right intention. You could call it a poor cousin of 3 IDIOTS. That itself should be a big boost to the makers for working on a theme which is positive in its approach to send out an optimistic message of hope. It also has shades of similarity with the 2007 film directed by Manoj Tyagi, MUMBAI SALSA.

The movie is urban in its approach, with roots going back to small towns from where the central characters come from.

It's a story about six bachelors coming together to live in a rented 2BHK apartment. They call their home 'Sadda Adda'. All come from diverse backgrounds with dreams to make it big. While one wants to make it in acting, the others in engineering, and sales and design. There's another who is struggling to find a suitable job.

Their home, as expected, is in a mess, with a detailed daily chart of who will do what during the day. However, there's just one guy, Jogi, who ends up doing most of the work as the others bully him around.

From here, the story takes a predictable turn as to how one of the boys loses his focus, despite being talented. He finally realizes his act of arrogance and corrects it with all humility to regain lost ground.

Another, unable to cope with failure, decides that suicide is the best option.

First time director Muazzam Beg has a completely raw cast at hand and does a decent job extracting some good performances, especially from Karanvir Sharma and the boy who plays Safal, a Bihari. Both these actors should be able to make a mark like Omi Vaidya did in 3 IDIOTS.

The movie should strike the right chord with audience from within the college community and those who have just begun their professional career.

Like I said, it does end with a message of hope. In these stressful, competitive times, it is indeed heartening to be rejuvenated with a message to live your dreams, and not give up. It also subtly tells us that picking yourself up and fighting on is a better bet than suicide.